Tiny Hand Bow Heart kiss my sadness away
匿名: My boyfriend is going away for a couple days like 8 hours away and there's no phone service or wifi so he have me his baby blanket that smells like him until he comes back c:

Awhhhhhhhhhh :’)

匿名: Is your ex a Chinese too?

ex what, ex bf? yea

ex-crush? no 

me to virgin mary:  nice nice, so u a virgin?
匿名: i really love your account, and our lives seem pretty similar, its strange.

thank you :) and strange is cool 

匿名: when did u realize u are suffering from depression?

when i don’t feel happy anymore, everything i see is sad and dead 

kitty was like wut wut wut wut wut wut r u doing wut wut stop wut wut wut aye why 
匿名: tell about the boy you love

i don’t love anybody right now, not even myself. But the boy I loved he is cool,cute and amazing. He plays guitar and he has big dreams. He was everything I wanted and everything I wished for. He is kind and a really good listener. 

匿名: So my ex and I broke up in December after ten months of being together. He was having personal issues that weren't good for our relationship. I still am there for him and see him all the time except now I really like his best friend and am starting to feel held back by it. I know my ex is a big part of my life and I shouldn't betray him like that especially when he is so sad but I am just so attracted to this other guy who is so much more caring and happy.
匿名: how old are you?

15 ey

匿名: tell about the first time your had sex

nver had sex 

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kill me. 
Finished my exams yay yay yay
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